heavy Duty LED Shoebox light


CKL-SB11A series 80W-150W Heavy Duty LED Shoebox light

CKL-SB11A Series Area Light provide a new level of performance, versatility and value in a low profile.
Architectural design that delivers signi cant installation and energy savings, bigger size and heavy duty design to meet high end clients’ requirements.
Hot selling is to use 120W/150W to replace 400W MH lamp.
Integrated heat sink design to solve the heat sink perfectly with airflow in the back, Zero mantain.
Directly intalled to round pole and square pole, Whole set 5 years warranty.

Lighting applications and related products

  • 80W 100W 120W 150W SB11A (Replacement for HID 250W-400W)


    Test watt

    Lumen @4K


    CKL-SB11A-80 80.12W 8,787.6 LM 109.68 LPW
    CKL-SB11A-100 102.3W 11,111.8 LM 108.62 LPW
    CKL-SB11A-120 121.2W 12,901.7 LM 106.45 LPW
    CKL-SB11A-150 147.5W 15,098.1 LM 102.36 LPW
    Note: Lumen will be a little difference according to real roduction, according to DLC regulation, is 5% up or down tolorance. CKRA keeps the right to modify spec. without notification, before placing order, contact us for latest spec. info.
  • Code CKL-SB11A
    Watt 80 100 120 150
    CCT 3500K 4000K 5000K 5500K
    Vol. UN=120-277V 347V 480V
    Finish BL=Black BR=Brown DB=Dark Brozen WH=White
    Mount part SP=Square pole RR=Round pole
    Optional SPD= 10KV SPD PC= Motion Sensor N=No Need
    Distribution T3=Type 3 T4=Type 4



    Master CTN

    QTY / CTN

    Net Weight

    Gross Weight

    Cubic Meter

    CKL-SB11A-80 80W 430*420*250(mm) 1pcs 8.8Kg 10.2Kg 0.045CBM
    CKL-SB11A-100 100W 430*420*250(mm) 1pcs 9.4Kg 10.6Kg 0.045CBM
    CKL-SB11A-120 120W 430*420*250(mm) 1pcs 9.8Kg 11.1Kg 0.045CBM
    CKL-SB11A-150 150W 430*420*250(mm) 1pcs 9.9Kg 11.3Kg 0.045CBM
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