LED Outdoor Lighting Design Consideration

1.LED lighting materials and cooling method options
It is better for solving the LED heat problems to make the shell and radiator design as a whole, we generally use the aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other good thermal conductivity of the alloy materials. There are many cooling methods such as air convection cooling, strong wind cooling and heat pipe cooling, etc., how to choose the cooling method will impact the cost of lighting producing, manufacturer should take all into consideration and choose the best options. What’s more, the design and material of lamp cover are also essential, material of lamp cover often show product grade, in general, the best choice is traditional glass material for it has long life, high grade quality. Life time of transparent plastic, plexi-glass and other materials is limited, and other factors like outdoor sunshine, ultraviolet light, dust, chemical gas, day and night temperature changes will reduce the life of the lamp cover, if PV is polluted, it will not easy to clean up, which will reduce transparency of the cover and affect the light output.

2.LED chip packaging
At present, the domestic production of LED lamps mostly use 1W LED string, parallel assembly, or use 30W, 50W or even larger modules assembled to achieve the required power, these LED packaging materials are epoxy resin or silicone package.

3.LED working environment
LED outdoor lighting is used in relatively poor working environment, such as the windy and rainy weather , and ultraviolet light, day and night temperature changes, air dust, chemical gases and other conditions, be treated by the natural aging treatment year after year. The Design should take full account of the impact of these factors.

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