Brief introduction of dazzle

Dazzle refers to the visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of the object due to unfavorable brightness distribution, or there is extreme brightness contrast in space or time. Vision within the human eye can not adapt to the bright feeling, this may cause disgust, discomfort or loss of vision when the human is influenced by too high brightness or before and after the occurrence of excessive brightness changes. Dazzle is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Experiments show that short-wave components in the light are more likely to cause dazzle, so the control of short-wave components of light or to avoid using short-wave components when we design the light source become the easiest way to think of. As we generally believe that in the night road lighting, metal halide lamp(MHL) is better than the high pressure sodium lamp(HPS) in the light efficiency and color, but short-wave components are relatively more in the metal halide lamp. As we know that rain and snow will cause larger visual disturbance to the light source with many short wave components, this is not conducive to the detection of the target, and shortwave is more likely to cause the dazzle. Thus in the region with more rain and snow , the road lighting is better to use high pressure sodium lamp lighting with long-wave components. However, with the development of outdoor lighting and the purpose of energy efficient, LED outdoor lights become a better choice.

How to achieve anti-dazzle of LED light? In fact, most light fixtures are designed to avoid dazzle by lenses, reflectors and hoods.
1, The light is without dazzle after being reflected by the lens, spot is clean and slender, which achieves anti-dazzle effect.
2, The light is dealt with the soft processing through the reflector, and then black light treatment, there is no excess light, no glare, projected light quality.
3, Black hood can effectively eliminate the re-reflection of the extra light, which is better for anti-dazzle, shading and light absorption.

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