LM-79 and LM-80

LM-79 is for solid-state lighting productsSSL, electrical and photometric measurements, which test the photoelectric performance. Since some test items need to be done with a goniophotometer, small part of manufacturers are unable to make a complete LM-79 test report. This test standard is mainly for the manufacturers who produce the entire lamp. Testing contents includes  luminous flux, light intensity, color and so on. Energy Star has a large number of requirements about light color parameters , the test methods in Energy Star are cited LM-79 standards.

LM-80 is used for testing luminous flux maintenance rate of LED light source , rather than LED bulbs and lamps. The test content in LM-80 includes: 1, the luminous flux maintenance rate of light source under different temperatures 2, The degree of chroma maintenance under different temperatures. The LM-80 test data is used as the reference for the finished light source to calculate the luminous flux retention rate and chroma maintenance rate of the finished lamp. LM-80 is the IESNA (North American Lighting Engineering Society) approved luminous flux maintenance (LEDs life) standard. The LM-80 test is focused on components of the light source, including LED packages, arrays and modules, and estimates the component life based on this data. If LED lighting manufacturers want get the "Energy Star" certification issued by US National Environmental Protection Agency , their products must be produced according to the LM-80 standard.


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