ROI in LED field

LED technology has proved to be very energy efficient, but coming up with a real number to represent overall savings requires more than just comparing an upgraded facility’s before and after electric bills. ROI for an LED lighting project is the aspect which the customers mostly concern. The costs associated with any lighting installation include the equipment cost, for luminaires and other hardware; the cost of labor to install it; and the ongoing charges for electricity usage. It turns out to be a good example of trying to compare apples to oranges, but let’s give it a try anyway. Please learn the following factors which could be taken into consideration.

Equipment costs. The variety of LEDs to choose from is staggering, Equipment costs include mounting hardware and connections (labor is listed separately), moreover, depending on the installation, adding surge protection might also be necessary.  

Labor costs. regardless of whether it’s LED or fluorescent, and about $25 to $85 for simple switching devices. For the mid-range pricing, there will be $100 in labor for the installation of each LED luminaire and contractor.  

Electricity costs. This part of the estimate is interesting because electricity prices vary so greatly around the world. In a basic calculation for an investment in LED lighting, assuming lower electricity rates gives conservative results, cause this includes many variables.

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